Chloe Gilligan is an up and coming pop artist living in Nashville, Tennessee. She grew up right outside of Atlanta, Georgia, but moved to Nashville to begin her musical journey.

In late fall of 2016, Chloe released her first EP, Post-Summer. The EP features three songs including one of her more popular tracks, Pretty Teeth in which Chloe helped develop and produce the music video..  Chloe has a keen sense for using visual representations to elevate the meaning of both her music and lyrics. 

Chloe then released her single Not Lonely, Just Alone which continues to be a favorite amongst listeners—almost breaking a million streams to date. 

Chloe has seen success in the film and television sync world, for example, her single Unsure made its debut in the CW series All American in Fall 2018. While Chloe continues to put out songs like Come Down with her signature organic sound, she also finds ways to innovate her songwriting with contemporary pop elements such as her most recent single Nervous. Chloe is always focused on finding new ways to interpret her lyrics so that the story behind the song is evident to every listener. 

Her debut 7 song EP Erase August is set to premiere August 30. This project is Chloe’s first mark in who she is in today’s music industry.